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My DeFi is a Defi Trading and Training Firm for Digital Currencies, Commodities and Securities.
Online Training & Certification, Corporate Consulting, and Speaking Engagements.
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Edward Kepler Founder

Blockchain, Asset Tokenization, and Smart Contract Developer & Educator
@ Social Trading & Liquidity Labs
Intro Call

World Reserve News: Digital Dollar & Digital Currencies

China Proposes East Asian Digital Currency

Bank Of England Debating Digital Currency

US Moves Closer To Digital Dollar

Learn About Digital CurrenciesEarn Interest On Your Crypto

Gold Reserve News: Digital Gold & Digital Commodities

Bitcoin's Correlation To Bitcoin Is Weakening

Gold Price Breaks Records

World First Gold Backed Digital Currency Launch

Digital Commodities TrainingGet 1 MG Of GOLD For FREE

Digital Reserve News: Digital Assets & Digital Securities

Alt Coins Rally

ChainLink LINK Surges 39.5%

Nasdaq Moves Into Digital Assets

Learn About Digital SecuritiesGrow Digital Assets Tax Free

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Defi Lending: Compound
Defi Lender
Token: USDC
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Defi Lending AAVE
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Token: LINK
APR: 0.35%
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DeFi Lending: Compund
Defi Lender
Token: DAI
APR: 5.02%
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